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Andi Byers is a trailblazing force in the world of holistic wellness and business leadership. As the Founder and CEO of Chronic & Iconic Coaching, Iconically Holistic, The UP-side of Down Life Coaching, Invisible Apparel Co, and ICONIC Business Solutions, she has left an indelible mark on various industries. Her transformative journey embodies the essence of success and compassion, inspiring awe and admiration in all who cross her path.

A decorated Air Force veteran, registered nurse, holistic wellness practitioner, business strategic alignment expert and published author, Andi's expertise is multifaceted, bridging the worlds of healthcare and personal development. Driven by tenacity and success, she embarked on a mission to redefine how women perceive their well-being. A turning point in her journey came in March 2020 when Andi experienced a sudden cardiac arrest. This life-altering event propelled her to identify the growing prevalence of stress and overwhelm among women. It ignited her mission to become a potent catalyst for change, empowering women to steer clear of heartbreak and embrace vitality.

Andi's passion for uplifting women's well-being led her to design and facilitate empowering workshops, courses, and retreats. These transformative experiences offer women a sanctuary to rediscover themselves, encouraging them to embrace a life of authenticity and balance. In November 2023, Andi's unwavering dedication and impact on society were recognized with the her receiving nomination and being selected as the ACHI Magazine 2023 Mentor of the Year and the prestigious honor of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

Having spent over 20 years in the holistic health field, Andi understands that true empowerment stems from acknowledging individuality. Her personalized approaches shattered the notion of a one-size-fits-all method, revolutionizing how women perceive and embrace health. With unwavering commitment, Andi dedicates her life's purpose to helping women attain holistic harmony of mind, body, and soul. Her guiding principles of empathy and understanding underscore her role as a beacon of hope and transformation.

Andi's commitment to lifelong learning is evident in her extensive list of Health & Wellness certifications which include: BSN, MS Nutrition, Master Trainer, Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Exercise Therapy, Youth Fitness, and Transformation Specialist underscores her dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

In the world of business, Andi holds certifications in: Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management, CompTia A+, Net+, Security+, Microsoft Solutions, and DoD Records Management. Her business acumen is a testament to her exceptional ability to strategize, innovate, and elevate organizations to unprecedented heights. These credentials demonstrate her prowess in streamlining processes, ensuring efficiency, and driving organizational success.

Andi Byers' inspiring journey as a leader, entrepreneur, and advocate for women's well-being transcends boundaries and sets a new standard for excellence. Her relentless pursuit of positive change and award-winning legacy continues to inspire countless lives, as she fearlessly empowers women to embrace their authentic selves and flourish on their own terms.

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